Orla Thompkins

Orla Tompkins, offers a neutral and independent space where you will feel comfortable to move forward in your life. Orla is a fully qualified Mediator and an accredited council member with The Mediators Institute of Ireland. With her background in business and H.R. Orla brings to her work an in-depth knowledge of organizational dynamics, and recognizes how mediation offers business a less expensive and quicker way to resolve business relationship disputes.

Orla has studied family mediation. With previous experience in family law and separation, Orla offers an informed approach to conflict resolution for couples and families. We deal sensitively with the issues around relationship disputes, separation, divorce, custody, siblings, succession and other family related problems. Orla is a seasoned mediator with a strong track record. We use pragmatic strategies to identify the differences and find areas of agreement and ultimately incorporate these areas of agreements into resolutions.

Together we will find the solution.