Mary-Claire McCarthy

Mary Claire has an honours law degree from UCC and qualified as a solicitor in 2005.  She practised as a Solicitor for a number of years. In 2009, she then retrained as a Mediator as she believed that parties might be best suited to resolving their own difficulties rather than asking a Judge to decide for them. Mary Claire also has a diploma in dispute resolution. Since 2009, Mary Claire has dedicated her professional career to Mediation. Mary Claire has also lectured on conflict resolution at the United Nations training school (UNTSI). Mary Claire is deeply committed to the values of Mediation and is recognised for her impartiality, her ability to engage and empower clients in order to help resolve their conflict.

Mary Claire immediately puts clients at their ease when they attend a mediation session. Having been a party herself at mediation, she is aware of how hard it is to take that first step. However, reflecting on the success of that mediation for her, gives her great motivation to help others in need of resolving their difficulties.

The role of a Mediator is to be neutral and impartial therefore, Mary Claire will assist the parties in resolving their issues by helping them to:

Isolate the issues in dispute

Develop options for the resolution of these issues

Explore the usefulness of these options

Meet the clients interests and needs


Honours law degree from UCC in 2000.

Qualified as a solicitor in 2005

Qualified as mediator in 2009.

Admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2010

Diploma in Mediation and dispute resolution(distinction) in 2010

Garda Vetted

Mary Claire is available to facilitate mediation between teenagers upon request