Dermot Moloney IACP

Dermot’s main area of expertise is the treatment of mainstream addiction, alcohol, drugs and gambling and the resolution of the unresolved traumas that, for the most part drives these behaviours. His primary modality of practice is person centred therapy, where the client travels a journey at their own pace, with some gentle challenging from the counsellor. He focuses on creating a safe space for the client to explore their issues, where the development of a trusting relationship enhances the therapeutic process and allows the client to explore¬†unresolved traumas in an environment where they feel safe.

He practices Person Centred or Rogerian therapy to allow for the development of the therapeutic process and utilises other modalities such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Reality therapy to encourage the client to a clearer picture of their reality and to identify maladaptive behaviours and what the clients need to do to alter these behaviours,  thus identifying choices and solutions to the issues.

Dermot is a fully accredited member of Addiction Counsellors of Ireland and a pre-accredited member of Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Dermot has experience in the field of:

Anger Management (adult)


Addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling)



Career/Life Coaching



Domestic Violence




Relationship Issues


Stress Management



Self Esteem


Fully accredited with IACP & ACI – currently undergoing Honours Degree in Counselling

Diploma in Counselling (Galilee House of Studies, Athy)

Certificate and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills

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